human-resource solutions

Our human resources solutions have two major components: placing and managing KasmoDev-vetted staff for clients and helping our clients attract the right people into their organization through robust recruitment procedures. KasmoDev’s screening and vetting processes involve rigorous background checks, unique referral, and accreditation systems designed for fragile contexts. Our star-based system of management of vetted staff is designed to minimize risks to client institutions.

KasmoDev’s analysis and rating system give clients insights into the capabilities, gaps, and potential risks associated with the staff and organizations they are considering partnering with. We deploy highly capable operations and program staff to design, start-up and manage programs for successful delivery.
Utilizing our network and thorough knowledge of the Horn of Africa region, our duty of care is solidly grounded in ensuring the KasmoDev-managed staff (on our clients’ projects) are protected and safeguarded from harm while delivering optimum outcomes for our clients’ programs.