May-Dec. 2016:

Completed a livelihood analysis assignment for the Somalia Resilience Action Consortium (STREAM), consisting of the NGOs Adeso, ACTED and SADO. The assessment used the Household Economy Analysis (HEA) and was conducted in Lower Juba covering three livelihood zones – Southern Inland Pastoral (camel and goats); Lower Juba Cattle Pastoral, and Kismayo Urban. The assessment provided livelihood profiles including socioeconomic classification, household asset profiles, coping strategies, markets, and information on other key parameters, which was useful reference and input for the Consortium to design the resilience program for the target livelihood groups. The HEA information, however, has a wider application for both emergency food security and development programming. The assignment’s geographic scope included the Somalia districts of Dhobley, Kismayo, and Afmadow, which border and have extensive cross-border trade in livestock and other commodities with neighboring districts in Kenya. KasmoDev involved several partners in this assessment/analysis, including USAID/FEWS NET, FAO/FSNAU, and the Food Economy Group (FEG).

Oct-Dec, 2016:

Conducted a follow-up household baseline study for the STREAM Consortium to establish baseline information and values on the key parameters for the Consortium’s social safety nets program. The information also laid the foundation for the monitoring and evaluation of the Program – last Quarter 2016.

April – May 2018:

Impact assessment of the cash interventions component of the social safety net Program of the STREAM Consortium, Lower Juba, Somalia.


KasmoDev’s Assessment & Evaluation Staff completed a mid-term evaluation for World Vision’s Wash, Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, and economic recovery projects in the Bay region of Somalia – mid-2017. .


Completed an assignment for American Refugee Committee (ARC) in Lower Juba to improve the understanding of livelihood opportunities among agricultural and fisheries households – 2017. Currently working with ARC to better understand livelihoods on the coast of Puntland and Lower Juba to help re-design their livelihoods and youth employment programs in these areas.

April-May 2018:

Completed two assignments for ARC in Somalia, i.e.: (i) an economic analysis of the fisheries sector in the Puntland State of Somalia. The study findings will provide key information that will be used to design ARC’s fisheries sector support in Puntland, to reduce piracy and other crimes among the youth. (ii) A livelihoods baseline assessment in three districts of Jubaland state of Somalia.