Governance, public sector support, and engagement -

We support governments and development partners in establishing and maintaining effective public sector through policy analysis and strategy development and dialogue. We also design and implement needs-based capacity building projects for ministries at national and sub-national levels as well as establishing and strengthening credible and capable institutions through advice and homegrown solutions.

Food security, sustainable livelihoods, and resilience building

KasmoDev’s approach centers on identifying vulnerabilities and root causes of food insecurity and other humanitarian needs. We support our clients and partners in analyzing and implementing food security, relief, resilience, and sustainable livelihoods programs. We analyze natural and man-made disasters and humanitarian emergencies and their impacts on communities, and guide our partners on an appropriate response, including disaster risk reduction and resilience strengthening options for affected communities. We have expertise in designing, implementing, and managing both emergency relief and long-term food security, livelihoods, and resilience building support programs.

Investment and business development

(i)Economic development planning – we work with both sub-national and national governments to develop broad-based economic development plans based on their competitive advantage and development priorities. Our value proposition for economic development planning includes undertaking competitive advantage assessments, facilitating multi-stakeholder consultation processes and developing actionable economic development plans.
(ii)Investment readiness and promotion: We help to identify, package and market investment opportunities in different sectors based on the location’s competitive advantage and economic goals. Our expertise includes investment profiling, investment structuring, structuring incentives for investors, organizing investment conferences and providing capacity building to investment promotion agencies at national and sub-national levels to engage with investors.

Market systems and private sector development

KasmoDev experts have many years of experience in improving market functions to contribute to economic growth by promoting new investment, improved incomes and job creation. KasmoDev teams have successfully implemented programs that use the ‘making markets work for the poor’ (M4P) approach and have delivered value chains analysis and development in the productive sector (e.g. crop agriculture, livestock, poultry and fisheries sectors). We provide capacity strengthening for both the private and public sectors in markets and private sector development. We also have wide experience in grants and fund management and promote increase investment, create jobs and contribute to economic growth.

Alternative energy technologies and impact assessments

KasmoDev supports environmentally responsible investments such as green energy and energy-saving technologies and other technologies that promote environmental conservation. KasmoDev also conducts environmental and social impact assessments of projects based on client requirements.