KasmoDev is in partnership with Cowatersogema and is co-implementing the CRATES project – a customs and revenue sector support program in Somalia. Funded by DFID.

May - Sep 2019

KasmoDev is undertaking the “Revenue Generation Capacity Assessment for Somali Region” of Ethiopia for the Somali Regional State Government. This activity is assessing the revenue potential, revenue policy formulation, Revenue law reform, and Revenue administration reform. This project is being implemented in partnership with Adam Smith International. May – Sep.2019.


KasmoDev is in partnership with Adam Smith international to implement two PFM projects supporting the Federal Government of Somalia, funded by the EU, namely: (i) Territorial Integration and Planning Facility (TIPF) project, and under the larger Inclusive Local & Economic Development (ILED) programme; and (ii) the EU Budget Support Project. These are multi-year projects, starting in 2019.